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Devanna Bailey has worked her way up to Boss Witch since her teens, throwing herself into her witch supply shop, Carpe Noctem, no matter how the irksome mayor has tried to stand in her way.


Equally driven, it took Orion centuries to earn his post as Mayor of Deadlights Cove. This weird little town and its quirky residents are his life’s purpose, and he might lose it all. When a local witch is murdered and the human FBI arrives, nothing will ever be the same.


Shifters have been outed to the human world. Nergal, a powerful, ancient demon, is out to destroy Deadlights Cove. The angel realm is in turmoil. And Orion can’t save this town alone.


She’s a brat.

He’s a control freak.

Neither of them know the meaning of the word yield.

The only question is, who will break first?


Follow Orion and Devanna's story, along with the quirky band of local misfits, through the Deadlights Cove series, in book five, Karma is a Witch. 


While each book follows a different couple, there is an overarching mystery plot line that does not make these true stand-alones. Start with book one, Smoke Show, first.

Karma is a Witch Signed Paperback

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