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Content Advisories

Wild Wild Wolf Content Advisory

Wild Wild Wolf includes mentions of kidnapping, violence, and previous trauma, including toxic relationships, emotional, and physical abuse. None of these take place between the two main characters. 

In addition, there are several references to the Harry Potter series. Like many millennials, Jade found a safe space in Harry Potter, clinging to the peace she found between the pages as a misfit kid looking for a home when she didn’t have one.

With that said, we want to make it clear that we do not support J.K. Rowling or any of her political viewpoints.

- Aimee and B.

Fates Promised - Ebook - Amazon.jpg

Fates Promised Content Advisory

The book you are about to read contains subjects that may be difficult or unappealing to some readers. This includes violence, graphic language, on-page sex, and mental health struggles.


In addition, there are references to rape, attempted suicide and child abuse, but not depicted on-page.

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