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Dr. Selene Flores spent the last 13 years in Boston creating a life outside of Deadlights Cove. Successful practice, her own condo, and a lackluster social life. When Mayor Orion calls in a debt, her life is turned upside down.


Ryker, supernatural bounty hunter and mercenary, is injured on his way back from tracking down the demon-witch causing chaos in their world. The wound should be impossible for an ancient magic-wielding dragon shifter, yet it’s not healing with magic, and Selene is the only witch medically-trained who might be able to help him.


Only problem is, Selene has been avoiding Ryker since their one-night stand on Halloween.


The two are forced to put their differences aside when chaos strikes again, impairing the magic in Deadlights Cove and beyond. Who better to continue the hunt for the culprit than the one witch who doesn’t rely on her magic?


Except there’s no way in Hel that Ryker is letting Selene take over his job. Not alone.


Follow Ryker and Selene’s story, along with the quirky band of local misfits, through the Deadlights Cove series, in book three, Wing and a Miss. 


While each book follows a different couple, there is an overarching mystery plot line that does not make these true stand-alones. Start with book one, Smoke Show, first.

Wing and a Miss Signed Paperback

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