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Lysander Theroux has always been ordered around by his mother and head of the Deadlights Cove witch Coven, Ostara. In the best interest of the Coven, he puts his ego aside, glad he at least has an escape from the crushing pressure in his band, The Lost Talisman.


Maisie Douglass has been living a double life for years. Abovewater, she uses a fake name in town to hide her true identity. Underwater, she plays the dutiful heir to the throne, the eldest daughter of the overbearing Ronan, King of the Sea Nymphs.


When their controlling parents announce they’ve both arranged marriages for their children to increase their magical powers — Lysander to a bear shifter, and Maisie to a demon — they’ve finally gone too far.


Together, Lys and Maisie will pretend to be in a serious relationship so their parents will back off the whole arranged marriage thing — simple enough, right?


True to the town’s history, nothing ever goes to plan.


Follow Lys and Maisie's story, along with the quirky band of local misfits, through the Deadlights Cove series, in book four, Pier Pressure. 


While each book follows a different couple, there is an overarching mystery plot line that does not make these true stand-alones. Start with book one, Smoke Show, first.

Pier Pressure Signed Paperback

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