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Worlds collide in this time travel fantasy adventure in the Viking era full of even more action, romance, and Norse mythology than before in the second installment of the Call of the Norns series.


After my whirlwind fantasy adventure, I’m back in Colorado with new digs and a new job. My real-life Viking even managed to find a way to follow me through time. Everything should be great — except I think I left a part of myself in the past, and my nightmares are getting worse.


Domari never pictured himself this far from home, despite his decade of traveling with the Varangian Guard. As much as he tries to make a life here with me, a Viking in our modern-day world is a huge adjustment, and it’s easy to see he’s homesick.


Maybe that’s why I can’t stop dreaming about his village, or shake this darkening sense of foreboding...


Fates Promised Signed Paperback

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