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Embark on a time travel fantasy adventure in the Viking era full of action, romance, and Norse mythology in the Call of the Norns series. 

By age 31, I always imagined my life would be settled — career, family, maybe even that white picket fence. Instead, my main man is a 120-pound mutt named Thor, and the highlights of my weekend are takeout and scrolling Instagram. Add a bottle of wine, and suddenly I’m drunkenly booking a trip to Sweden.

Do I know how to ride horses, or hike the backcountry, or speak Swedish? Absolutely not. But since when did a little logic stop me?

Too stubborn to admit my mistake, I land in Stockholm, expecting to see the Northern Lights, nurse sore muscles, and, heaven forbid, pee in the woods.

What I don’t expect is for my horse to kick me down a hill and somehow back through time, or that maybe all of this was set in motion by Fate centuries before.

Fates Illuminated Signed Paperback

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